How Udemy’s New Pricing Changes Will Affect You

Udemy Pricing Changes

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We’re big fans of Udemy.

After all, where else can you find such a great variety of courses that improve your skills?

Anyway, over the years Udemy has experimented with various pricing changes, just as all businesses do.

The latest pricing change is a little more interesting and unusual, however.

The new experiment: a coupon is not a coupon

So here is part of Udemy’s new strategy: Udemy coupons will still work, but they won’t work the same for everyone.

What does this mean?

In short, if you use a Udemy coupon, and you’re already an existing customer, you might get a different price than a new Udemy customer.

So, for example, your friend who has never taken a Udemy course before uses a coupon and gets a course for $10 instead of $50.

But you’ve taken lots of Udemy courses, and you use that exact same coupon, and you get offered that exact same course for $15 instead of $50.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? The coupon still works for both people (you both get discounts) but it works differently for both people.

How big of a discount will you get on Udemy courses?

In this example, we’ve used the new coupon price of $15 for existing Udemy customers. But Udemy could literally experiment with any price point. Like $19, for example.

Want to see how these pricing changes are affecting you?

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