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Course Name: Sounds True Presents: Qi Gong for Health and Healing

Subtitle: An Online Course with Lee Holden to Unleash the Power of Your Life-Force Energy

Instructor: Taught by Lee Holden •

Category: Health and Fitness

Subcategory: Skills

Provided by: Udemy

Price: $160 (before discount)

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As of April 29, 2017…

Students: 3015 students enrolled

Ratings: 322 reviews

Rank: ranked #44g in Udemy Health and Fitness Courses

Brief course description

This course is an in-depth study into the practices of qi gong and Taoist meditation. Included are instructions for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance, and spiritual insight. I’ve designed this program to give you lots of tools in your toolbox, tools that can take you from where you are to where you want to be—energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There are three kinds of materials included in this course: written, video, and audio. The written materials are designed to combine historical, theoretical, and practical information in order to give you the map of the territory. Here, you will find explanations of the exercises and meditations found in the course’s video and audio components. In addition, you’ll find self-assessments, journaling exercises, and opportunities for reflection that will help you deepen your practice. As you go deeper into the material, you’ll be able to develop your own healing prescriptions simply by noting how your body, mind, and spirit respond to particular practices and meditations.

The video segments are designed to give you practical, everyday ways to utilize and dive into your qi gong practice. They are your workouts; they focus on the movement of the body as a way to circulate qi. These workouts use the body as a way to calm the mind, activate internal energy, and awaken spiritual energy for deep connection. The workouts in the video series should be used synergistically and as a way to cross-train.

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Lee Holden • bio

Lee Holden is an internationally celebrated Qi Gong master. He is also a well known television personality who has appeared regularly on PBS. In 2009, he was honored by the International Chi Gong Association. Lee is a licensed Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist and the co-founder of the Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi Center.

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Final details for this Udemy course

Languages: English

Skill level: Beginner Level

Lectures: 78 lessons

Duration: 8.5 hours of video

What you get: I’ve created this program because I personally have benefited so much from this practice. There is nothing I’m more passionate about. When something works, you want to share it.

Target audience: Anyone interested in discovering qi gong’s secrets for more energy, less stress, and better health

Requirements: With just a little commitment to your own internal energy, you will soon see what the power of qi can do for you. At this particular time in history, with health-care costs going through the roof, the health-insurance system in crisis, and medical doctors taxed and depleted, it’s reassuring to have the tools and resources to heal your own body and take charge of your health. It is an amazing experience to know that each and every one of us is our own best healer, and that we can discover answers within.

Access: Lifetime access

Peace of mind: 30 day money back guarantee

Availability: available online, as well as on iOS and Android

Download options: check course to see if you can download lessons