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Remote Influencing - Manifest Your Mind - Udemy Coupon

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Coupon & course info

Course Name: Remote Influencing – Manifest Your Mind

Subtitle: Take your vision of success and allow it to manifest in reality using the techniques developed by the government.

Instructor: Taught by Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest

Category: Personal Development

Subcategory: Personal Transformation

Provided by: Udemy

Price: $199.99 (before discount)

Free coupon code: See above (no charge for coupon)

Review info & popularity

As of March 15, 2019…

Students: 1598 students enrolled

Ratings: 87 reviews

Rank: ranked #818 in Udemy Personal Development Courses

Brief course description

Remote Influencing is the flip-side of the Remote Viewing coin. Instead of downloading information from the Universe (Remote Viewing) you’ll be uploading information into the quantum wave, where all possibilities exist simultaneously, to snap into one possibility, based upon your informational upload. Or in a word, when reality becomes “manifest.”

But in this case, the Universe becomes manifest in the way you need, rather than some random way.

In Chaos theory, this is known as the “butterfly effect.” Where a little influence upon the Universe can set off a chain reaction to a much greater effect or outcome. You’ll learn how to effect the Universe by uploading the controlled information you have, to the reality you need.

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Stacey Tallitsch bio

CEO of Corporate-prophet a Professional Remote Viewing firm based in Louisiana. Trained as a professional Remote Viewer for 15 years by Major Ed Dames (ret) who headed up the “Psychic Spy” program developed by the United States Military in the 1970’s known as “Project Star Gate,” later under the FBI as the “Icarus Project.” Dames took this technology into the private sector where it has both advanced and flourished. After targeting under the supervision of Dames, Stacey has taken this skill to work with retired FBI agents to locate missing children in the FindMe group. He has targeted the stock market for Fortune 500 companies and provide disaster remediation for man-made catastrophes. He has successfully predicted the outcome of elections, the rise of Pope Francis, many sporting events and paradigm shifts like the “Arab Spring.”

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Final details for this Udemy course

Languages: English

Skill level: N/A

Lectures: 21 lectures lessons

Duration: 1.5 hours of video

What you get: Manifest the reality you need to move your life forward, the way you want.

Target audience: Those who’ve completed the (2) previous RV courses (Basics/Advanced) are prerequisites to taking this course.

Requirements: You’ll need access to a printer and large envelops.

Access: Lifetime access

Peace of mind: 30 day money back guarantee

Availability: available online, as well as on iOS and Android

Download options: check course to see if you can download lessons