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Course Name: Open My Money Vault: The Money Manifestation Formula

Subtitle: Learn the easiest and most powerful manifesting technique on the planet! This is a truely innovative approach!!!

Instructor: Taught by Dion Vincent, Manifestation Coach, EFT Practitioner

Category: Lifestyle

Subcategory: Other

Provided by: Udemy

Price: $50 (before discount)

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As of July 14, 2016…

Students: 1102 students enrolled

Ratings: 42 reviews

Rank: ranked #10a in Udemy Lifestyle Courses

Brief course description

If you want to manifest greater success, better relationships, and MONEY for any purpose, this IS the right course for you! Just imagine manifesting all your true heart’s desires with EASE! With almost 2.5 hours of video lectures and pdfs and quizzes, you’ll learn cutting edge tools and closely guarded secrets only a select few know that makes manifesting money ( or anything else ) much easier!! You cannot manifest amazing things if your vibes and beliefs are negative about life, money, and yourself! YOU DESERVE MORE!!nIn this course you learn to master manifesting, and see results easier and quicker than ever before to create everything you want in life as if by magic! You’ll learn foundations of manifesting like where negative beliefs come from and how to easily erase YOUR specific negative beliefs!n In Module 1 you’ll learn to visualize your desired outcome while in the Alpha brainwave state, which will greatly enhance your manifestations!! ( You’ll learn a very easy way to get into alpha, that’s taught nowhere else ). nIn Module 2 we focus on the use of NLP to control your internal states, physiology, internal dialogue, and use NLP to uncover limiting beliefs. nIn Module 3 we focus on the miracle of EFT, combined with NLP and CV techniques to resolve and dissolve the limiting beliefs and blocks uncovered is step 2. nWhat if you realized that you really did have the power to create the life that you’ve been dreaming of? This course will blow the roof off of what you always thought was possible and blast you to the next level! In this course I will show you how to create a life you love AND attract your heart’s desire, creating more joy and fulfillment in your life than you ever thought possible!!

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Final details for this Udemy course

Languages: English

Skill level: All Levels

Lectures: 14 lessons

Duration: 1 hour of video

What you get: work with the Law of Attraction, using the framework of The Money Manifesting Formula, which includes specific tecniques that use Creative Visualization, NLP, and EFT. Students will have a firm grasp of uncovering and eliminating negative beliefs in any are of their lives. This will help them to attract their true heart’s desires and specific outcomes.

Target audience: If you love receiving course learning and grasping new ideas through Simple Visual Presentations and the written word, this course IS for you. If you love learning through follow along demostrations, that make learning new techniques, this course IS for you • If you want to learn about new principles of Law of Attraction and Manifesting with an open mind with the intention of changing your life for the better and achieving your big dreams, this course IS for you! • If you are ready to blast your life into the next level of achievement and but want an easy way to achieve this, this course is for you. • If you are committed to implementing these principles and are willing to follow the steps given in the course, this course is for you. • If you are planning to take this course in parallel with any other relevant courses, this course is for you. • If you have a very negative form of thinking and perspective of the world around you, and you are at least willing to change your habits of thinking for the better, this course is ideal for you. • If you are not ready for new forms of thinking, perspectives and invisible realities and trying new easy tools to change your circumstances, this course is NOT for you. What Are The Requirement? If you are not willing to change your mind about how much money you deserve in your life, then this course is not for you. • You must be ready and willing to change your subconscious thinking from negative to positive to help you achieve your desired outcomes and your true heart’s desires.

Requirements: The only requirement is a desire to create more money in one’s life and be willing to change one’s mind about what you deserve and what’s possible!!

Access: Lifetime access

Peace of mind: 30 day money back guarantee

Availability: available online, as well as on iOS and Android

Download options: check course to see if you can download lessons