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Course Name: Introduction to Ahrefs: A Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC Tool

Subtitle: Analyze your competition’s key SEO and PPC strategies and get actionable tips for your own marketing.

Instructor: Taught by Alexander Stern, Juris Doctor from UC Berkeley; 4.0 from UCSB; Business Owner

Category: Marketing

Subcategory: Skills

Provided by: Udemy

Price: $20 (before discount)

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As of April 29, 2017…

Students: 4529 students enrolled

Ratings: 24 reviews

Rank: ranked #53g in Udemy Marketing Courses

Brief course description

This course is designed as an introduction to the popular digital marketing tool Ahrefs. Learning how to use this service can empower digital marketers to run better and more efficient marketing campaigns. The course shows both the instructor and an over-the-shoulder view of the Ahrefs user interface.

For example, the service can be used to view a significant amount of your own and your competitors’ backlinks. A backlink is a link from one website to a target website, and remains one of the most important ranking factors for Google. By understanding the links going toward your competitors, you can attempt to gain similar links so that your own website increases its odds of moving up in the rankings. Students also learn how to comprehensively analyze these backlinks such as by assessing their quality, anchor text, and other important attributes. These and other metrics can show you how helpful particular pieces of content (such as blog posts or videos) are for competitors’ business.

Students also learn how to view the most viral content in a given time frame. This is an important source of inspiration for content marketers and bloggers researching new content ideas.

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Alexander Stern bio

Alex graduated with his Juris Doctor from UC Berkeley School of Law. Before that he graduated with a 4.0 weighted GPA (Summa Cum Laude) from UCSB. Alex is especially interested in the law, investing, computer science, Internet marketing, and SEO. His passion for these subjects stems from his early interest in entrepreneurship. He started a small business as well as a charitable organization. Through this experience he realized first hand how great content is not always enough to get visitors to a site. So, he began experimenting extensively with marketing efforts including SEO and PR. His passion for justice and fairness led to a deep interest in the law as well. He loves teaching and is happy to answer course related questions.­

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Final details for this Udemy course

Languages: English

Skill level: Beginner Level

Lectures: 8 lessons

Duration: 1 hour of video

What you get: Use the Ahrefs marketing tool to better understand their competition’s marketing strategies.

Target audience: People with an online presence who could benefit from digital marketing.

Requirements: Students do not need any prior knowledge or experience.

Access: Lifetime access

Peace of mind: 30 day money back guarantee

Availability: available online, as well as on iOS and Android

Download options: check course to see if you can download lessons