New Courses Added: Master List

This is an overall guide to the new courses added to Online Courses Pro.

For now, this only lists the new Udemy and Teachable courses added. In the future, we will be adding new courses that we also recommend on other teaching platforms.

New Udemy courses

Courses added April 29, 2017

Courses added January 4, 2017

Courses added October 4, 2016

Courses added September 8, 2016

Courses added August 12, 2016

Courses added July 20, 2016

Courses added July 14, 2016

New Teachable courses

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course (taught by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner)

More courses will be added regularly, so check back soon!

Existing Udemy courses revisited

On April 27, 2017, we reviewed the courses we’ve already shared with you, and determined which of these courses were some of the top courses still available on the Udemy platform.

As a result of that analysis, we arrived at 2,064 courses on Udemy worth revisiting.