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Close Combat Fitness: Ultimate 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout - Udemy Coupon

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Course Name: Close Combat Fitness: Ultimate 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Subtitle: The astonishing “accidental” workout discovery to getting strong, lean, and mean as fast as humanly possible…

Instructor: Taught by Captain Chris Pizzo, World Leader In Self Defense

Category: Health & Fitness

Subcategory: Fitness

Provided by: Udemy

Price: $99 (before discount)

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Review info & popularity

As of March 28, 2016…

Students: 2,412 students enrolled

Ratings: 51 reviews

Rank: ranked #37 in Udemy Health & Fitness Courses

Brief course description

Years ago, many of Japan’s top Judo players were also educators (After all, Judo itself was founded by a doctor of education in the late 1800’s). Scores of these teacher-athletes were sent all over the world to spread the study of the popular Japanese sport.

Through their hard work Judo has become a “staple” in many Asian and European physical education classes, as well as become the 3rd most popular contact sport in the world (behind soccer and hockey).

Here in the United States however…not so much.

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Captain Chris Pizzo bio

Captain Chris is an unarmed combat instructor for members of the US & UK Special Forces and dozens of military and para-military professionals and mercenaries around the globe.

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Final details for this Udemy course

Languages: English

Skill level: All Levels

Lectures: 17 lessons

Duration: 1 Hour of video

What you get: You’ll burn fat and blow-torch off excess body weight so quickly that you can literally eat more than you normally do and still look better than ever.

Target audience: Anyone looking to burst through to your full genetic potential gaining nearly superhuman strength, inexhaustible endurance, and a “shredded” physique…in just a few ridiculously short, but intense workouts!

Requirements: It’s simple — everything is explained in a way that even a 10-year-old could understand! (If you’re a beginner, this the most intelligent way to get in shape FAST… or if you’re already a committed fitness buff, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for to get the continuous, uninterrupted, results you’ve always wanted!)

Access: Lifetime access

Peace of mind: 30 day money back guarantee

Availability: available online, as well as on iOS and Android

Download options: check course to see if you can download lessons